Anonymous whispered: what mods do you use on your sims?

I literally have thousands so…. which in particular?

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so, today I made zayn and he is so fucking pretty


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my liam sim is so pretty, he’s a work of art i’m literally

my liam sim is so pretty, he’s a work of art i’m literally

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Overprotective ~ Chapter 4

AN ~ HELLO again. I know i’ve not written anything for like a gazillion years so I am well aware my writing it a little rusty in parts, but who cares, I hope you enjoy this next (very delayed which I apologise for) installment of the story! Feedback is much appreciated, Love.

The previous chapters are situated here if you wanna read up on those, hehe.

Warnings: kidfic, swearing, au, yeah

Wordcount: 5100+ 

As soon as the morning rolled around, Louis (as always) got on with his daily routine; stretching, showering, shaving, the lot. Though his usual slacks and shirt were replaced with some comfy sweats and a band t-shirt, keeping his promise that he’d stay at home today, he’d get the kids ready and off to school. See, he’d never really gotten involved with that aspect of things, he’d always been up to his neck with work, rarely given days off aside from the weekend. But today, today was different.

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overprotective, update

I know it’s been ages but i’m thinking of writing another chapter of overprotective just because I have a lot of free time and i’ve noticed a lot of people had been asking! What do you think? 

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So, since a lot of people have been asking, i’ve finally (reluctantly) decided to put my lovely sim for download. Please take care of him and pretty please, do not re-upload as he was a lot of hard work to make. Anyway, if you’re downloading make sure you install the sliders i’ve included otherwise he won’t appear right, though it’s completly optional!




DOWNLOAD HERE (mediafire)

enjoy .x

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bartender liam

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Anonymous whispered: Hi! Can you please tell me where I can find the bandana you used on your harry sim? it comes with the hair or it's an acessory? your 1d sims are AMAZING btw <3

it’s an accessory, can’t remember where I downloaded it though x

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